The Grashof-portable-incubator is work of Incubator’s team of Universitas Indonesia. It is a special innovated infant incubator customized for equatorial environment, to do so, It uses a special system of Natural-convection and natural-circulation based on the Grashof law (German Scientist proposed the formula of Natural-convection and Buoyanci-force more than 100 years ago). The incubator itself is divided into several compartments. The first and most spacious one is on top and function as the space for infant to lay upon. The second compartment is below the first compartment and function as the place for the heater lamp. The remaining compartment are either for additional electronics or for air flow into, either way the main fundamentals only covers the first and second compartment.

The principle of the incubator is fairly simple. First, the heater lamp is powered by external electricity source. The heater lamp will raise the temperature for the air inside the incubator. The raise of temperature leads to a difference of pressure between the air inside of the incubator and the outer air. Air naturally will flow from high pressure to low pressure, because of this, the air from outside will come inside the incubator through the hole on the sides of the incubator. The entering air will then be heated by the heater lamp to maintain desireable temperature for the infant (between ambient temperature and main body temperature, defined 33-35 dgC). From the infant space, the air will flow out through the holes on the covers of the infant compartment.

The Grashof-portable-incubator is dubbed ‘the most silent incubator’ and ‘the most saving energy incubator’. Both of these can be achieved because of the design simplicity of the incubator. The noise appears usually in conventional system due to the rotation of fan blade, in Grashof incubator there is no fan neither blower to move the hot air from heating chamber to baby’s cabin. Furthermore, it has less options compared to other incubators, however, it incorporate much simpler and replaceable parts. For example, the usual incubator usually had a feature to set the temperature into a desireable value, whereas the grashof incubator set the temperature between 33-35 dgC. However, due to the lack of complex machinery for these feature, the amount of process in the incubator is virtually lesser than the usual incubator. Thus, it produces lesser or almost no-noise with lesser energy. (Ral and Dhon cooperation).-

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  1. Minta petunjuk utk jd relawan Pak, apa saja yg harus disediakan dan dilakukan.
    saya di Lampung (coverage area standard: bandar lampung, metro, seputih banyak – lampung tengah)


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