Engineers fight against Covid

During these emergency times due to pandemic of Covid-19, all
hands should be on deck. Includes engineers and other non-medical fields. It is very important not to panic and support totally those
who are fighting in the front lines head to head with virus. If they need equipments, mechanical engineers need to be ready to design and produce all equipment in preventing hospital-staff from corona virus.


Tim Anti-Covid-MRC, Gedung MRC FTUI lantai 6,

Phone 0811-1383-300


  1. UVC Decontamintation, Killing virus in room with far UVC. Morning evening operation only for 1 hours when there’s no people in room.
  2. PURIDIS, Purification and Disinfection, to clean air, and killing virus in room with aircon. No need ventilation.
  3. UVC Sterilizer for APD’s Room, UVC-lamp work only 10 minutes every two hours when no people in room. At anytime room will be cleaned and prevented from virus.
  4. Next UVC-Autoclave Box, for dental equipments.
  5. * Dental Aerosol Suction. Special order. Subject to discuss.

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