Joking for Indonesians

From WAG.-

A plane made an emergency landing on water. The stewardess asked the passengers to slide down to the lifeboats, but the passengers refused.

The stewardess then asked the captain to help. The captain, being very knowledgeable and experienced, guided her – “You tell the Americans this is an ADVENTURE. Tell th British this is an HONOUR. Tell the French this is a ROMANTIC activity, and tell the Germans this is the LAW. Tell the Japanese this is an ORDER, and everyone will be sorted out.”

The stewardess remembered the flight had some passengers from India and Singapore too. “What about them”, she asked.

The captain laughed. “Easy. Just tell the Indians this activity is FREE.”

Can I convince the Pakistanis ???

Yes dear, just whisper, “This is a suicide mission”

“And what about the Singaporeans?”, she persisted.

The captain, taking a deep breath, patiently explained –
“You need not tell the SIngaporeans anything, my dear. Once they see a QUEUE, they will join it without questions.”

Luckily there is no joking for Indonesians

But wait….

The stewardess then finally said to the captain, oh almost I forgot sir, there are also some Indonesians on board, what should I tell them?

The captain grinned and then said: “My dear, tell them, this is a hoax, they will join us without thinking…”

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